Not Dumping this Dumpling

Dumplings are a staple whenever we order Chinese take-out. We love experience of eating the small portions of ground meat stuffed in a pocket of steamed dough. It was only recently that we acknowledged the soup dumpling, a much more savory companion to the standard dumpling. Soup dumplings, in our mind, is like a savory … Continue reading Not Dumping this Dumpling

Meatballs and No Spaghetti

Everyone trying to get fit this summer often try diets that never tend to stick or work. The keto-diet? Juice cleanse? Intermittent fasting? Fat-free? We believe that we've heard, and sadly have tried, it all. The no carb diet is certainly a popular diet amongst many. As future physicians, we definitely acknowledge that having a … Continue reading Meatballs and No Spaghetti