Dieting Expects Cultural Reform

Dieting is no easy task, especially for many individuals who have demanding jobs, stressful family lives, and hobbies such as blogging and gaming. We usually never diet. It's not that we couldn't lose a couple of pounds here and there but dieting can become so restrictive and cumbersome when you're transforming into a diet that … Continue reading Dieting Expects Cultural Reform

Mangoes and More in Chiang Mai

We visited Thailand and spent 10 days hopping between Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Phuket. Chiang Mai was one of our favorite escapes from the heat and crowds surrounding the major tourist attractions in Bangkok. The drive from the Chiang Mai International Airport to the Old City to visit the Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan was … Continue reading Mangoes and More in Chiang Mai