Cheat Day

It's been one month since many of you started a commendable new trend of adhering to the keto, paleo, no-carb, or fasting diet. Diets are one of the things we struggle with because we have no self-control over our cravings. I can't count the numerous times we've made a midnight drive to Wendy's to get … Continue reading Cheat Day

What Did Sushi A Say To Sushi B?

Wasabi! We loved our experience at DOMODOMO NYC as much as we loved that joke. DOMODOMO is a Japanese restaurant that was New York's first restaurant that specialized in sushi hand rolls. We were immediately interested in this restaurant after looking through their menu online, which boasts interesting dishes such as uni pasta and different … Continue reading What Did Sushi A Say To Sushi B?

Quantity Over Quality: North 3rd Street Market

Everyone loves a one-stop-shop to get all their needs, which is why Amazon and Walmart is as popular as it is. Convenience racks up a high price, and when a particular niche is involved prices skyrocket. It's no secret that Brooklyn's Williamsburg is becoming populated with the city's latest trends and booming with a younger … Continue reading Quantity Over Quality: North 3rd Street Market

Meat, Vegan, and Gluten-Free, Oh My!

Everyone has that friend who is either vegan, vegetarian, will only eat meat, lactose intolerant, gluten free, health conscious, or is generally a picky eater. Finding restaurant options where the menu offers options for everyone is a rare find. Running across Spring Natural Kitchen was a goldmine for my vegan friend, my health conscious meat … Continue reading Meat, Vegan, and Gluten-Free, Oh My!