Cheat Day

It’s been one month since many of you started a commendable new trend of adhering to the keto, paleo, no-carb, or fasting diet. Diets are one of the things we struggle with because we have no self-control over our cravings. I can’t count the numerous times we’ve made a midnight drive to Wendy’s to get fries and nuggets. Or the cravings for dessert after dinner. So we have cheat days to relieve ourselves from the agony of being withdrawn from delicious treats.

Some of our favorites:

  • Milk Bar Williamsburg: Christina Tosi’s brainchild, this place is a must for anyone who watches Chef’s Table desserts or has seen the now infamous Tosi on Masterchef. If you loved cereal as a child, expect nostalgia as you dig into their cereal milk soft serve. For us, one of our favorite cereals was fruity pebbles, which their new and delicious flavor pays homage to.

Fruity cereal milk soft serve with sprinkles

  • Doughnut Plant: Who doesn’t love donuts? Doughnut Plant is one of the best places to get donuts because they offer two different kinds, yeast and cake. Those who like their donuts to be on the fluffier and lighter side, like James, opted for the pistachio donut. Elizabeth loves denser and richer donuts, like the carrot cake donut, which was perfect. This place has a donut for everyone!

(L to R) Tres leches, chocolate blackout, pistachio, carrot cake donut

  • Sweet Cats Cafe: If you’re ever coming into Queens and you need an instagram-worthy cafe with delicious desserts this is your spot. This adorable cafe has several different selections of crepe cakes, including rainbow, ube, matcha, and Oreo. To wash it down, grab some of their delicious bubble tea to go.

Rainbow crepe cake

  • Tipsy Scoop: Have you ever looked at your ice cream and ever wish that there was alcohol in it? Well your wishes have come true! Tipsy Scoop is a place where people can get a sugar rush and a buzz with ever spoonful of their delicious flavors. And if you’re thinking that the flavors must taste weird because of the alcohol, think again. The ice cream is so tasty that you won’t be able to put your spoon down. Just make sure you don’t eat and drive.

Chocolate and hazelnut alcohol-infused ice cream

  • Bar Pa Tea: We can’t count the numerous times we’ve stopped into Bar Pa Tea. As one of our favorite desserts in New York City, it never disappoints. Although the menu is pretty limited, all you truly need is their black tea and oolong soft serve. It’s packed with flavor and the tapioca pearls are a great addition. Check on their home page as well to see if they have any specials, which are sure to be delicious too.

Black tea and oolong soft serve


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