What Did Sushi A Say To Sushi B?


We loved our experience at DOMODOMO NYC as much as we loved that joke. DOMODOMO is a Japanese restaurant that was New York’s first restaurant that specialized in sushi hand rolls. We were immediately interested in this restaurant after looking through their menu online, which boasts interesting dishes such as uni pasta and different fish options for nigiri, such as branzino.

Walking into DOMODOMO, you’re met with sleek and modern decor, polished wooden tables, and spacious seating. We ordered the branzino nigiri, the miso black cod, uni pasta, yellowtail hand roll, and the blue crab hand roll. We tried the branzino nigiri first, and immediately felt as though we were in heaven. The branzino was delicately prepared and tasted fresh, as though it was just swimming in the ocean just a few hours ago. Speaking of fish, the black miso cod entree was so moist and buttery, with a portion large enough that two could share. Although the blue crab hand roll was a little saltier than we expected, the yellowtail hand roll was delicious.


Black Miso Cod

And who said Italians are the only people who can make delicious pasta?

The black uni pasta was al dente, and the flavors of the uni and sauce all went together perfectly. The uni flavor was not overpowering, which could often happen when using sea urchin in a dish. This dish was one of the perfect examples of how DOMODOMO can create an Asian fusion dish without losing its authenticity.


Black uni pasta

Sushi is an art to prepare because it’s raw and delicate, so that any imperfections to its preparation can easily be noted. It’s easy to get caught up with the rice, the seaweed, and the deliciously salty soy sauce. But the true hero will always be the fish.


Food: 4.9/5

Ambience: 4.6/5

Service: 4.6/5

Overall Rating: 14.1/15





140 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012

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