Farmer’s Market Finds

We love farmer’s markets because we believe that dishes can taste substantially better when the ingredients are fresh and are grown with less pesticides. Although the prices may be slightly higher than the local supermarkets, there are certain things we are willing to splurge on. Last weekend we had the opportunity to walk through the farmer’s market at Sleepy Hollow and, although we were disappointed that we couldn’t find hot apple cider donuts, we were excited about our purchases.

  • Apples are James’ favorite healthy fruit and it makes for a great pre-workout snack. One of his favorite kind of apple is called the Liberty apple because it’s crisp and refreshing, but it is also hard to find in grocery stores in New York City. Apples and pears are one of our favorite things to get at a farmer’s market because it is important when buying a fruit going directly in your mouth that there aren’t any contaminants on it. Other items from a local grocery store that may have pesticides on them could be boiled off or baked out, but when taking a bite of an apple going directly into your mouth it is worth getting something that is not coated with toxins.


  • Baked goods are Elizabeth’s favorite buy when it comes to farmer’s markets. We always find bakers that incorporate healthy alternatives into their cakes, cookies, and brownies. The best type of baked goods are those that are fresh and come straight out of the oven, instead of sitting on the grocer shelves for several days. Elizabeth found delicious carrot cake at the Sleepy Hollow farmer’s market, in addition to delicious vegan brownies and cakes.


  • Our favorite protein to cook is fish. At some farmer’s markets you might be lucky enough to find a vendor selling fresh fish. Although pricier than supermarket fish shops, the quality of the fish is unparalleled. You’ll also find varieties of fish that you may not see in the grocery stores.



  • Herbs and vegetables are two things that we both love purchasing at farmer’s markets. The produce is always fresh and you can tell the quality of what you’re purchasing right away. One of our favorite things to do is purchase ingredients that we’ve never seen before, such as colorful peppers and gourds that we often don’t see too frequently in city supermarkets.


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