Quaint Diner But Big on Taste

Diners have a bad connotation when it comes to food. People often assume that the food has poor quality with a cheap price tag. We love diners because there’s always something for everyone on the menu at any time of the day, which makes it easier when friends with a variety of dietary restrictions come to visit us out on Long Island. One of our go-to favorite diners is Thomas’s Ham and Eggery Diner.

Thomas’s Ham and Eggery Diner is a family owned diner with a smaller menu than most diners and specializes on breakfast items, such as eggs, potatoes, and French toast. Walking into this diner is nothing out of the ordinary, with classic wooden tables and crowded counter seating across from an array of pastries. It’s a smaller footprint than most diners that we’ve been to since the crowded tables are only 6 inches apart from the nearest patron. Nonetheless, it gives off an unassuming cozy and quaint feel that most diners tend to lack. Being that it’s so popular, wait times for a seat can exceed an hour, but the food is worth it.

We’ve gone several times to Thomas’s Ham and Eggery and ordered different items each time. One of their most famous options include eggs cooked and served in their respective skillets. We ordered the vegetable frittata, which was cooked thoroughly and was large enough for two people. Another dish that we enjoyed included the chicken sausage Eggs Benedict with perfectly cooked and seasoned potatoes. It’s hard to find Eggs Benedict incorporating chicken sausage rather than smoked salmon so it was nice to have another option for protein on our eggs. Elizabeth, being the sugar lover she is, thoroughly enjoyed the banana stuffed French toast with sautéed bananas topped with homemade caramel pecan sauce. Another sweet option includes the strawberry croissant French toast, a favorite amongst one of our closest friends.

What’s special about Thomas’s Ham and Eggery Diner is that all of the dishes tastes fresh and you can eat it right off of the skillet. Even better is the fact that everything on the menu is less than $15! Great quality for an even better price point just 20 minutes away from Queens makes this diner one of our favorites throughout all of New York.


Food: 4.6/5

Ambience: 4.1/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 13.2/15



Chicken sausage Eggs Benedict with potatoes


Banana stuffed French Toast


Strawberry Croissant French toast


Vegetable Frittata


Thomas’s Ham and Eggery Diner

325 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514

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