Quantity Over Quality: North 3rd Street Market

Everyone loves a one-stop-shop to get all their needs, which is why Amazon and Walmart is as popular as it is. Convenience racks up a high price, and when a particular niche is involved prices skyrocket. It’s no secret that Brooklyn’s Williamsburg is becoming populated with the city’s latest trends and booming with a younger population flooding its streets. With that comes the newest food hall, North 3rd Street Market, that made every food lover’s dream come to life. It is promised to have several stalls of the most popular restaurants in one convenient location, which seems like a wish too good to be true. And in fact it was.

We entered into the large brick building and we were surprised by how eerily empty the space was for a Saturday afternoon. Despite having greenery, plenty of table seating, and an open-air feel, the space felt more claustrophobic and damp than inviting. Nonetheless, we ran through the wide glass doors with eager minds and hungry stomachs.

  • Our first stop: Dana’s Bakery

Dana’s Bakery is known for their kosher and gluten-free rainbow-colored black and white cookies, macarons, and their ever-popular mookies. For those unaware, mookies are cookies with a macaron in the center. Elizabeth was the most excited for this stall and bought two mookies: funfetti with birthday cake macaron and chocolate chip with chocolate molten macaron. The texture of the cookie was crumbly and tasted under-baked, which reminded us of cookie dough instead of a cookie. The macarons in the center was delicious and made us wish we bought a box of the macarons instead of the mookie.


Dana’s Bakery Funfetti with birthday cake macaron (L) and chocolate chip with chocolate molten macaron (R) mookies

  • Our second stop: Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza is constantly ranked as one of the best pizza slices in New York so hearing that there was a stall carrying Di Fara pizza without the enormous wait time made us incredibly excited. Unfortunately, the pizza slice did not live up to its name. Or its hefty price of $5/slice. The cheese tasted stale and the crust was nothing out of the ordinary. We believe that we may have to venture to the authentic Di Fara pizzeria in Midwood in order to get the quality of the famous Di Fara cheese slice we’ve been hearing people rave about.


Di Fara Cheese Slice

  • Our last stop: Baba’s Pierogies

Baba’s Pierogies is a staple in Brooklyn, and we were excited to see this stall at the North 3rd Street Market. We decided on an order of 5 boiled spinach and feta pierogies in brown butter and chives. While there was a lot of filling for each of the pierogies, they also tasted stale, much like the Di Fara pizza.


Baba’s Pierogies boiled Spinach and Feta pierogies

We left the North 3rd Street Market without exploring the other stalls, such as GoFish Sushibox and Tap NYC, because we ultimately felt that we were eating stale, reheated food. Maybe it was because it was a slow weekend afternoon, but the quality of the food we tried really did suffer. Even if it weren’t for the quality, the prices were much higher than in their respective flagship restaurants. We believe that this is due to the fact that Williamsburg is a popular area with increasing rent costs that caused some of these restaurant stalls to increase their prices and decrease the quality of their food. Even though stopping in at North 3rd Street Market gives you the quantity of all the places a food lover would love to try, the food greatly suffers in quality and you’d be better off traveling to each respective restaurant individually.


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