The Tea Test

Many people make the mistake of coming to visit New York City without visiting Queens. Flushing, a small area in Queens, NY is a great spot to get your tea fix and just 30 minutes away by subway from Manhattan. Whether its green tea, bubble tea, or cheese tea, Flushing has a tea spot located on each block. We tried a few teas at different shops and listed them below:

  • Moge Tee “Cheese Mountain Green Tea” (James 4.8/5; Elizabeth 2/5) – this was the first time we tried tea with cheese incorporated as a foam on the top. James loved the salty foam and felt that it paired well with the green tea. Elizabeth, however, would have preferred the cheese foam paired with a sweeter tea and didn’t enjoy it as much as James did. It was a very interesting experience because we rarely have foam placed on colder drinks, and cheese was a fun addition.

Moge Tee Cheese Mountain Green Tea

  • Macao Imperial Tea “Taro Tea” 1.5/5 – Taro is a very subtle flavor since it comes from a plant root so it’s hard to get much flavor out of it as a tea. Unfortunately for us the sugar added in the drink, even with only 30% of the sugar added, made the drink taste really artificial. This was one tea that we had to dump.

Macao Imperial Taro Tea

  • Gong Cha “Pearl Milk Bubble Tea” 4.5/5 – Pearl Milk Tea is our favorite flavor of bubble tea. It’s light, creamy and delicious without being over-powerful. What’s nice Our advice when going here is to get 50% of the sugar and the regular amount of ice because the pearl milk tea has a great flavor on its own and you don’t want to risk making your milk tea too sugary. The tapioca “bubbles” are small and chewy, and they portion the right amount to have enough for each sip.

Gong Cha Pearl Milk Bubble Tea

Our advice when venturing to Flushing for tea: don’t overpay for your drink as there are many mom-and-pop tea shops that sell very cheap tea at a reasonable price, such as TBaar and Gong Cha. If you’re unsure of what flavor to try, get Pearl Milk Tea – it’s a classic flavor that your taste buds will enjoy.


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