Saved by the Bell

Taco Bell is considered one of the healthiest fast food options in United States but it’s hard to see why under all of that ground beef and cheese. Like any restaurant, some choices are healthier than others so here are some tips to keep this fast food chain healthy:

  • Order Fresco tacos – Fresco tacos are soft shell flour tacos that removes all of the cheese from the taco and adds a fresh pico de gallo topping over it. You’d be surprised how many calories you can save just by removing the cheese and the hard taco shell.
  • Substitute all beef and shredded chicken orders with grilled chicken – Not many people realize that Taco Bell carries grilled chicken. Even when ordering Fresco tacos many Taco Bell employees will leave the meat as shredded chicken since it is the default for many fresco items. The grilled chicken adds more protein, it is cooked well, and is actually tastier than the shredded chicken and ground beef. Although substituting grilled chicken might come at a slightly higher cost, it’s worth it.
  • Save your calories for the food, not the drinks – Believe it or not, calories from drinks add up. While it is hard to resist Taco Bell’s Baja Blast Freeze, there is enough sugar in that drink that may even go over the recommended sugar intake for the day.

In our minds, we believe Taco Bell may have earned its right to be known as a healthy restaurant due to the fact that many taco offerings are under 200 calories. However, we also believe that the list may have forgotten that for many people one taco isn’t enough to satisfy one’s taco cravings. The average for us is about 2-3 tacos each, which at max is around 600-700 calories. So you might want to rethink grabbing that box of a dozen tacos for yourself.

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