When the Wait is Worth It

Rarely will you see us give a restaurant a completely perfect score. But Lucali is an exception. We first heard about this restaurant on Netflix’s Ugly Delicious and through more thorough research we also found out that it was Jay-z’s favorite pizzeria. We immediately needed to check it out for ourselves.

Lucali doesn’t take online or phone reservations. Patrons wanting to dine at this small and secluded restaurant need to wait in line to put their name on the list in order to eat there. We came at 5 pm to place our name on the list and the kind hostess told us that we would be seated at 9:30 pm. We were completely shocked, unlike most people. See, everyone else did more research than we did. Apparently it’s best to come around 3:30-4 pm to wait on line, nearly 2 hours before the restaurant even opens, to place your name on the list at 5 pm to secure an earlier dining time and a shorter wait.

After over 4 hours of waiting, we finally sat down in this casual, dimly-lit, bare-bones restaurant but it fit well with the theme of your casual bring-your-own-beer and pizzeria restaurant. The menu is short and sweet – your standard thin-crust cheese pizza with basil and any toppings that you would like. We choose to add mushrooms to ours. Towards the back right of the restaurant you are able to watch the cooks actually roll the the dough with wide red wine bottles and assemble the thin-crust pizzas. Although decorations were scarce, it had a very modern yet rustic feel.

It only took about 15 minutes to receive our pizza and by that time we were drooling after the wait. But it was definitely worth it. The pizza was better than any other pizza slice that we’ve ever had by far. The best. We’re still pondering how they were able to get the top and the bottom of the dough perfectly crispy while leaving the rest of the base thin and chewy. The fresh uncooked basil made this pizza taste much fresher than any other slices we’ve ever had. The pizza had the right portion of mushrooms and they were cut much thinner than your standard mushroom slice, which prevents the taste from becoming overwhelming.

We suggest coming here around 4 pm to wait in line until they take your name at 5 pm to get a table around 5:45 pm (when they officially open). The hype is not enough. This is the best pizza slice in NY by far. The crust and dough is beyond our expectations. We were so amazed by this place that we don’t even consider ordering pizza anywhere else anymore.


Food: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall Rating: 15/15



Thin-crust basil and mushroom pizza




575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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