It’s Not Real Pizza

As a New Yorker, I’ve been introduced to a variety of different pizzas. The upscale thin-crust pizza. The flatbread pizza. The vegan pizza. The corner 0.99 cent per slice pizza. Deep dish pizza is something that I’ve never tried before, so that’s why my sister and I decided to head to the Navy Pier in Chicago to try their famous pizza.

Giordano’s is a staple across Illinois for their signature deep dish pizza. From the outside it looks like a casual pizzeria, with wooden tables and bright large umbrellas lining the sidewalk outdoor seating and classic brick walls on the inside. After waiting nearly 40 minutes for a seat during lunch, we were informed that if we wanted to order deep dish pizza we would have to wait an additional 30-45 minutes. This would have been good information to know prior to being seated since we were already uncomfortably hungry. Nonetheless, we understood that it was a deeper dish, which means it would take longer to make. We sat there, hopeful that it would be worth the wait.

Unfortunately, it was not.

We ordered a classic small cheese deep dish pie, which was approximately 3 inches in depth, topped with tomatoes and filled with cheese. The cheese was delicious as it was perfectly stretchy, smooth and flavorful. But there was just too much of it and this did not taste like pizza. Maybe it’s my New York palate that couldn’t wrap my head around this style of pizza because as I was eating it, it felt like I was sticking 8 thick mozzarella sticks in my mouth. There was so much cheese that it became too overwhelming. I desperately missed being able to taste the cheese, sauce, and crust separately since all I tasted was cheese. I wonder if this could even be considered pizza as the layers of cheese and tomatoes reminded me more of lasagna than pizza. Also, a small deep dish pie is way too much for two people to share. My sister and I collectively ate only 1.5 slices of the 6 slices.

Chicago couldn’t convince me that their deep dish pizza was better than New York. James and I love our airy, thin crust pizzas so I doubt that he would enjoy this dish. I would recommend that those in Chicago trying deep dish pizza for the first time should go for a deep dish choice with meat, like the Chicago classic or chicken sausage deluxe, so that way the amount of cheese doesn’t become too overbearing like it did for us.


Food: 3.4/5

Ambience: 4.0/5

Service: 3.0/5

Overall Rating: 10.4/15



Classic small deep dish cheese pizza with Wisconsin mozzarella


Chicken sausage deep dish pizza




700 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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