Pancake Lover’s Daydream

After having a series of egg benedict and omelette entrees for weekend brunch, we decided to venture to Marlow Bistro, where their small list of brunch specials would give us some other options that were slightly different than average. We were greeted by a shockingly empty restaurant, possibly because we arrived there around 20 minutes after they opened. Too anxious we suppose. Needless to say, the interior was tasteful, perhaps a foreshadowing to our delicious brunch. The tables were nothing out of the ordinary, polished wooden tables lined with white table cloths and matching wooden chairs. A collection of wine surfaced the entire back wall while large rectangular windows surrounded the restaurant. A perfect setting for a casual brunch date or dinner with a friend, date, or coworker. The waitress immediately gave us coffee, placed in fairly small porcelain cups, and took our order.

Although having practically no customers, the wait time for our food came barely under 30 minutes, a large wait for eager customers. However, when we saw our plates we regretted having any disappointment with the wait. Looking right at us were three fluffy, lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes drizzled in a blueberry puree and melted butter. If it was not the presentation that made our mouths water, then it was the taste. The pancakes melted in our mouth. The blueberries were perfectly placed and cooked inside each fluffy lemon ricotta pancake and the drizzle of blueberry with the melted butter just made it that more savory. With a heaping stack of three, it is sure to fill one up until dinner time.

While I had the lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes, my sister opted for the challah french toast drizzled in strawberry preserves and whipped cream. Might I say, the chef who prepared both dishes was quite the artist as her dish looked just as appetizing as mine. She reveled in her seat complimenting the wonderful taste, fluffiness, and sweetness of her dish. I did not believe her enthusiasm as I faulted it on her bias towards any sort of french toast dish in general. However, when I tasted her french toast, well let’s just say it gave the lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes a run for their money. The french toast was perfectly moist and had subtle hints of maple syrup and cinnamon.

At under $15 for each filling brunch special, I would definitely choose Marlow Bistro over IHOP in a heart beat, and will probably go back with James so he can can also get his pancake fix.


Food: 4.9/5

Ambience: 4.0/5

Service: 3.7/5

Overall Rating: 12.6/15



Lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes (front) and strawberry French toast (back)


Lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes



Marlow Bistro

1018 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025

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