Best Bakery In NYC

Desserts are our Achilles heel. Even when we’re filled to the brim from our favorite Korean restaurant or after stuffing our faces with penne al vodka from the nearest Italian restaurant, we’re always planning on venturing out for dessert. We hardly order dessert from restaurants that we’ve dined at for a meal. We enjoy going to different places that specialize in desserts and the extra few minutes we spend looking around for a new dessert spot gives us some time for our food to digest and burn some calories. Our favorite place: Martha’s Country Bakery.

Entering into this small bakery, you immediately encounter rows and rows of various cakes, pies, and cookies. You’ll be staring at this vast selection for several minutes as the line into Martha’s occasionally extends past the glass door and often wraps around the nearby Chipotle. Once seated at the circular wooden tables, you’ll find yourself sitting 5 inches away from the next customers. Although snug, you tend to overlook how crowded the bakery is due to pure excitement when perusing the extensive menu of various sweet treats.

We have tried almost every slice of cake that Martha’s has to offer. Every cake is decadent and moist, one of the many reasons people continue to come to this dessert spot. Our favorite is the black forest cake, partially because there is a layer of raspberry in between each chocolate cake filling that gives it an extra punch of flavor. Other go-to slices include the triple chocolate mousse and the seven layer cake when we’re craving chocolate, and carrot cake when we need a chocolate break. Our friends rave about the variety of sliced cheesecake, especially the Oreo cheesecake – which is absolutely delicious, but we can’t have it too often since Elizabeth is lactose intolerant.

The only cake that has missed the mark is the blue velvet cake. We prefer more natural ingredients, and when tasting the blue velvet you can notice that the added dye may have changed the consistency of the cake batter to become more stiff such that with each bite it feels like you’re eating frosted cardboard. Other than that specific flavor, every other cake has been delicious.

While we can’t comment on the pies, the tiramisu creme brûlée is delicious. It has a perfect crack of caramelized sugar on top of a soft, yet thick, custard base. Once, we ventured to Martha’s and not only did we order two slices of cake along with the creme brûlée, but also a steaming cup of hot chocolate as well. Our sugar levels spiked right after taking a few sips. Although delicious and a perfect drink for a cold day, we would recommend ordering a muffin or cookie rather than a slice of cake to pair with this sweet drink.

Martha’s Country Bakery is a sweet treat for anyone. Come early, before 5 pm, to avoid lines. Anecdotally, the branch in Bayside, Queens and Williamsburg tends to be the least crowed of the five locations while the Forest Hills branch tends to continuously pull in lines of people. If you’ve tried Martha’s Country Bakery, let us know what your favorite slices are.

Even though this is one of our favorite bakeries, be sure to let us know what yours is!


Food: 4.8/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4.1/5

Overall Rating: 13.4/15



Black Forest cake (front); blue velvet cake (behind)


Strawberry shortcake (left), Oreo cheesecake (middle), Oreo mousse (right)


Martha’s Country Bakery

70-28 Austin Street Forest Hills, NY 11375

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