I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for ice-cream!

We love ice-cream. Having a sweet tooth is difficult, especially being medical students. While learning about the perils of diabetes, cavities, and complications of eating too many desserts, in the back of our minds linger the thought “well, a spoonful couldn’t hurt, right?” Often that spoonful ends up to be an empty, soggy carton within several hours of binge-watching Masterchef. We have no self control so we needed ice-cream companies to help us. We tried various calorie-conscious options that you can buy right in your local supermarkets and gave them a taste.

Here are some of the ones we’ve tried:

  • Skinny Cow “Not Fudging Around Chocolate Fudge” 4.2/5

This ice cream cone tastes exactly like a fluffy chocolate mousse with the added textual benefit from the crispy waffle cone and chocolate chunks all the way through. At 170 calories and only 3.5g of saturated fat, we were amazed at how rich this dessert tasted. It didn’t taste artificial, but we did feel that, unlike true ice-cream, it was much more aerated and had a mousse-like texture than ice-cream. This will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth looking for a low calorie dessert, but may not impress those looking for the milky, rich texture of true ice cream.


  • Halo Top “Birthday Cake” 3/5

We have tried almost every Halo Top flavor. Okay, that may be a lie considering that there are over 25 flavors available, but we’ve definitely had our fair share of them. Each time we’ve had them our reaction is exactly the same: we’d rather sacrifice the calories and down our favorite pistachio Talenti gelato ice cream. Here’s why: the first few bites when eating Halo Top are exciting. You can taste the creamy texture of the ice-cream and the subtle flavors packed in. However, as you keep eating you can’t help but notice the artificial sweetener taste and the almost ice-like consistency of the ice cream. It is a great option for calorie counters, vegans and those who are lactose intolerant (like Elizabeth). Of all the flavors, birthday cake and vanilla bean were the closest in terms of the satisfaction of eating real ice cream. The farthest away: chocolate. Stay away from chocolate.


  • Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt “Cookies n’ Cream” 4.7/5

Like Halo Top, we’ve had our fair share of flavors, including the cookies n’ cream, chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, fudge brownie, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip. The reason why we continued to buy these delicious bars is because the texture is always on par for what we’d expect an ice cream bar to taste like and most (except the vanilla bean) have a textural component to them (whether that’s chocolate chips or cookie dough) that elevates the taste and prevents the bars from becoming bland. Our favorite: coffee chocolate chip and cookies n’cream. The coffee chocolate chip has a mousse-like taste to it, almost similar to the Skinny Cow ice cream, but for some reason it works better as a bar and the coffee taste is strong enough to give you that bolt of energy that you need. The cookies n’ cream taste exactly how you would expect a Breyer’s cookies n’ cream bar to taste – almost identical to ice cream. Being that it’s made of greek yogurt, it’s much creamier than frozen yogurt, which gives it that added thickness to be almost synonymous with ice cream. At 100 calories per bar and added protein, it’s a sure-fire ice-cream win.


  • Ben and Jerrys “Chocolate Milk & Cookies” 5/5

Ben and Jerry’s is one of our favorite ice cream companies. Not because the consistency of the ice cream is any different from your typical Breyer’s, Edy’s, or Haagen Dazs, but because the flavors are so powerful such that it never feels like you’re eating flavored cream. On a stressful day, we always stop and grab the nearest carton of Half Baked or The Tonight Dough, some of the best ice cream flavors Ben and Jerry’s have to offer. However, right after going through the carton within a day, regret starts to overcome our decision as we turn the carton over to look at the caloric information. Thankfully, Ben and Jerry’s came out with three low-calorie options including the chocolate milk and cookies, caramel cookie fix, and P.B. dough. Neither one of us has tried the latter two options, but the chocolate milk and cookies are out of this world. We finished the entire carton in a matter of 30 minutes. The ice cream is of the same thick, gooey consistency as  The Tonight Dough, yet with enough cookie pieces throughout to be almost analogous in flavor to Half Baked. While it is 140 calories per 1/2 cup serving, going through the entire carton would cost you about 560 calories. So while it does market itself to be lighter, which in truth it is, calorie conscious buyers should be aware that it’s no where near the Halo Top calorie count by pint. That being said, unless you like a somewhat artificial Halo Top taste, we would definitely recommend this.


Summer is the time for everyone to aim to get fit and have their perfect summer bodies, in addition to keeping their health in check. While we don’t always eat the healthiest things, ice cream has been a guilty pleasure for the both of us and we were ultimately pleased that ice cream companies are becoming more cognizant of their health-conscious buyers. Our winners of this taste test: Ben and Jerry’s chocolate milk and cookies, and close second place Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars.

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