Mid-Day Chocolate Drinking

Everyone needs to have a girl/boy/friend’s night where they can catch up with each other, complain about their jobs, or complain about their significant other. In the midst of the working world, that doesn’t happen too often because as soon as the clock hits 5 pm (or for medical students 10 pm) we all rush home, eager to change into pajamas and watch the latest new show on Netflix. Solution to this problem: lunch dates. Although somewhat inconvenient due to time constraints and trying to fit a life-time of conversation into one hour, lunch dates are the perfect balance of not only getting a necessary break from laborious work but also a chance to get some sun and catch up with a friend.

My friend and I ventured to Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar. From the outside Ayza is truly inviting with its outdoor seating and tinted glass doors. We were immediately seated, one of the perks of going out during lunch, and handed an extensive menu that consisted of chocolate drinks, and both meat and vegetarian options. My friend and I decided to choose two vegetarian options: the Mediterranean flatbread with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and the vegetarian flatbread. We also decided to throw caution to the wind and order chocolate martinis, hopeful that we wouldn’t return to work intoxicated.

Our food came out quickly, which was nice since the owners seem to realize that waiting for lunch was something working New Yorkers didn’t have the luxury of doing too often. At first glance the meal looked beautiful – it was an array of fresh greens and crisp vegetables. As we took bites into our meals, our faces lit up with excitement. Both the flatbread and panini tasted as fresh and delicious as it looked. I was initially skeptical about ordering a completely vegetarian meal, but somehow Ayza was able to make my tastebuds spin. The chocolate martinis were good, but I do have to say I’m not much of a cocktail girl. Or a drinker. Give me a Bud Light at a party and I’ll be sipping on the same bottle for several hours. Nonetheless, my friend thoroughly enjoyed hers and finished it before finishing her meal.

While James didn’t accompany me, it was nice to spend some time with a friend in the beautiful weather. Ayza was the perfect spot to do this. If you’re in Midtown in NYC looking for a solid lunch option, go here. There is two-course lunch prix fixe for $10.95 that no where in this area could beat without compromising on taste.


Food: 4.9/5

Ambience: 4.3/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 13.7/15



Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

11 West 31st St, New York, NY 10001


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