Sweet and Savory Breakfast

New York City is famous for their bagels. Plain. Onion. Asiago. Poppy seed. Rainbow. You name it, NYC has it. It’s not surprising that New Yorkers on-the-go grab their standard bagel, equipped with scallion lox cream cheese and the occasional slice of smoked salmon, to keep them going for the rest of the day. The thought of dining in to enjoy this quick and carb-loaded breakfast confused us, to say the very least. But to our pleasure, this breakfast may prevent us from stepping into another Dunkin Donuts again.

Located in downtown NYC, Russ and Daughters is a staple for many New Yorkers and tourists alike. After a 30 minute wait, which we enjoyed by perusing through the gift shop at the nearby Holocaust museum, we sat at the bar area, somewhat claustrophobically close to our nearby breakfast-goers. Although we weren’t too happy with sitting at the bar area, it became apparent that those who did were served almost immediately, leaving those in the dining area wondering if they should have traded seats.

Our first dish was the chocolate babka French toast. Ever since our experience trying Trader Joe’s Chocolate babka, we’ve been searching to find that delicious and moist chocolate taste in a breakfast recipe. This did not disappoint. Nestled under a hefty dose of confectioner’s sugar was a thick slab of chocolate French toast. Albeit small for the plating, the punch of chocolate flavor and subtle sour cream made up for it. The French toast was cooked all the way through, unlike some places that prefer a gooey center. While it was delicious, it left us gasping for a glass of milk.

Our second dish was the classic board with an everything bagel, gaspe nova smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato and capers. After consuming the sugary-goodness of the babka, this salty dish was more than just appreciated. We wasted no time in assembling our smoked salmon-bagel masterpiece. At $18, it is a quite hefty price to pay for essentially an everything lox bagel, however the freshness of the smoked salmon was incomparable to anywhere we’ve eaten.

Russ and Daughters was definitely a wonderful breakfast meal. If we had to go back there again, we’d re-order the classic board and maybe try the challah bread pudding.


Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 3.0/5

Service: 4.3/5

Overall Rating: 11.8/15



Russ and Daughters 

179E Houston St New York, NY 10002

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